Saturday, September 10, 2016

Arpaio's Jail: Deliberate Indifference Kills...again.


Soon, the family of yet another Maricopa County Sheriff's Office prisoner will be Googling his name for answers as to why he died on the floor of their jail cell begging for medical care...that on the same day prisoners around the country were raising their voices for justice.

His crime, by the way? Driving on a suspended license. Nothing anywhere as bad as what the state did to him, but no one will spend even two days in jail for the Deliberate Indifference that killed him. They never do.

The state will post his mugshot everywhere as they announce his death - that's to make people forget he was human when they killed him. So this is his FB pic, CR Snead.

To CR's family: I hear he was a pretty decent guy; I'm so sorry for your loss. I really wish I had answers for you. Those will come with time (and a good lawyer). 

You won't get justice from the system that killed your child, though: it is simply not a just system, never will be. Sue the MCSO for all you can, and call as much public attention to the conditions that led to Coval's death as possible.

If you want real justice, you'll have to be the ones to help create the more kind and free world that won't let the next kid die that way. Unfortunately, your grief now gives you much power; I hope you use it. Clearly, we need all the help we can get. 

For those of you not grieving today, if you're in the Downtown Phoenix area, hit this event from 1pm-3pm, and come together to figure out how to help prisoners fight back for more than just a day...

Folks who miss the chance to connect with each other this weekend, you can also catch up with the Campaign to fight toxic prisons here, Phoenix Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee here, the Phoenix Anarchist Black Cross here, or the Tucson Anarchist Black Cross here. They all do good stuff.